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Cleaner fuels for a cleaner planet


cleaner products for a cleaner planet


Business and the environment

As market sectors are faced with ever-tightening environmental legislation and increasing public concern over industrial emissions, advanced environmentally focussed technology will not only reduce companies’ emissions and CO₂ footprint, but by recovering value from waste or used raw materials, their operating economics and public image is likely to be substantially enhanced.

By removing these hazardous contaminants, we are able to produce high quality, clean, low sulphur fuel products that are equivalent to major oil refinery fuels, however with a fraction of the energy, emissions and costs that oil refineries incur when creating virgin fuels and Naphtha.

Refineries all over the world use 'hydrotreating' to remove sulphur from their fuels. Typically a refinery hydrotreater uses enormous volumes of hydrogen at high temperature and pressure which requires massive amounts of energy = high worldwide CO₂ emissions. 

Our Fast Electrochemical Process (FEP) does not use Hydrogen, high temperatures or pressures, resulting in:

  • very low emissions - large improvements for the environment

  • low costs - large improvements in profit margin


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Key Technology Elements

  • Fast Electrochemical Process (FEP) operates efficiently, with low energy intensity and 'near zero' emission

  • Creates new clean energy products of value from raw materials that would otherwise be disposed of by dumping, burning or other inappropriate method

  • Uses all of the available outputs for clean energy application

  • As far as possible replaces older 'energy hungry' technologies (hydrotreating) and uses significantly less energy than processes it is replacing

  • Helps other emerging technologies to operate with low environmental impact

For more information on applications and industries please look at the Waste Processing page (link).