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Our Team


The team behind Low Sulphur Fuels Ltd. have combined known principals of molecular science, electro-chemistry and engineering to design a process using available equipment types and build a safe, efficient process that provides a new and profitable method of dealing with a significant environmental  problem. This didn't happen overnight, we spent a considerable amount of time, almost three years, and our own money ensuring that the technology worked by doing significant testing. We will soon construct our pilot unit and then expect to be building the first production unit within 12 months.

We are now commercialising the technology and like most small companies, we cannot do that alone with our own financial resources and so we are inviting others to join us in utilising our technology to develop and share in the potential of a highly profitable business.


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John is a senior executive with broad design and engineering experience in hydrocarbon recovery techniques. Principle designer and developer of the current Fast Electrochemical Process (FEP) technology to produce clean fuels and power generation from end of life oil, tyres and plastics and the oxidative treatment of contaminated water to remove oils and chemicals.  Extensive oil industry experience in design, commissioning and extensive testing of pilot plants in USA and Europe.

John is responsible for developing and licensing the FEP technology.



glenn halliday - director

Glenn is a senior executive with more than 28 years technical, project management and consulting experience in the Energy Sector as well as 15 years at a senior management level at ICI, BP Chemicals and Shell International.  He has extensive international experience having lived and worked overseas for more than 15 years. 

Glenn is responsible for Commercial & Operational delivery of licensed modular LSF process units to partners and customers.

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Highly accomplished senior executive with extensive business operating experience in India, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, USA, UK. Until recently, a director of an International power generating equipment company, with a consistent track record of funding and delivering electricity co-generation gas and biomass projects. Built a portfolio of 120 MW clean power, generating stations in Kenya & India.

Rishi is based in the USA and is setting up an operating company to support our growing US interests.