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Low Sulphur Fuels has been co-funded by an Innovate UK Grant

Low Sulphur Fuels recently completed an SEIS fundraising round and has been co-funded by a grant from UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK. This is supporting the commercialisation of our highly innovative technology for converting waste hydrocarbons into lower sulphur diesel as well as converting hard, PVC, or similar difficult plastics into Naphtha.

The ordering of our Pilot Plant equipment has begun and the construction will begin imminently. The extensive testing programme is expected to begin Q3,19 using waste oils, part refined oils, tyres and plastics.

We are excited about being one step closer to the deployment of our Fast Electrochemical Process (FEP) and our ability to actively support the transport industry and IMO-2020 by dramatically reducing Sulphur and NOx emissions through using LSF lower sulphur fuels.

G Halliday