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cleaner products for a cleaner planet


Our Company

Low Sulphur Fuels Ltd have developed the Fast Electrochemical Process (FEP) as a low emission, energy recovery process that provides radical alternatives by efficiently creating new energy fuels and Naphtha from 'end of life' hydrocarbon materials.

The Fast Electrochemical Process can accept a wide range of hydrocarbon materials in the form of liquids, solids or gases and its purpose is to recover the hydrocarbon energy content in the form of a clean liquid, solid or gas, energy fuel. It does this by changing the molecular structure of the materials to break down and neutralise hazardous compounds. This enables us to use a significant volume of waste materials that would otherwise be consigned to damaging incineration, chemical treatment or landfill.

Licensing Low Sulphur Fuels Ltd process technology can add significant value to lower value waste stream or problem materials, providing significant financial returns whilst also benefitting the environment.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be a market leader in converting waste hydrocarbons by the application of advanced technologies. Low Sulphur Fuels technology can process used oils, part-refined oils, used tyres and produce clean, low sulphur, high value marine fuels. LSF can also process hard plastics, PVC, and non-recycled plastics into Naphtha for refiners to use in new plastics .


Our Mission

Our mission is to continually improve all aspects of the world in which we operate – technology, social, economic and environment – creating a better tomorrow than today.

This is achieved through an internal and external focus. Externally we focus on technical excellence, economic viability and environmental stewardship. Internally we practice learning, growing and evolving as individuals and as a company to the benefit of our clients, our company, our employees, our investors and society while growing a truly sustainable company.



Our Technology

Key Technology Elements

  • The Fast Electrochemical Process operates efficiently, with low energy intensity and 'near zero' emission.

  • Creates new cleaner products of value from raw materials that would otherwise be disposed of by dumping, burning or other inappropriate method.

  • Uses all of the available outputs for clean energy application.

  • As far as possible replaces older 'energy hungry' technologies (hydrotreating) and uses significantly less energy than processes it is replacing.

  • helps other emerging technologies to operate with low environmental impact.

For more information please look at our Technology page (link)


Our Approach

Lean Process APPROACH

#1: Lean Process APPROACH is a Mindset, Not an Event

As a Lean organisations we view continuous improvement as a daily mindset and practice -- the means by which our organisation is able to deliver on our promises to our customers.

#2: It’s Most Effective When Practiced Across the WHOLE Organization

In order for a Lean process approach to be effective, every part of our organisation is involved and is ready and willing to change.

#3: It Helps You Maximize Value and Deliver Faster

The goal of our Lean process approach is to enable our teams to systematically find ways to deliver more value to our customers in a shorter time.



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At Low Sulphur Fuels Ltd we know that finding the right technical solutions at the right time is very important. That’s why we have taken significant time and effort to develop a world class modular, reliable process.